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The 2019 Woodland Walks will be posted in April!

Forest Walks for 2018

The state of Virginia has some of the most diverse flora in the United States. Within Virginia’s flora, there is an abundance of herbal medicines. I’m finding almost 90% of the forest plants in Virginia have some herbal healing properties. I continue to learn of the past and present herbal medicine uses of Virginia’s plants. So much of the herbal information concerning our native plants has been lost or not yet realized. I am drawn to the plants and trees within the forest.

I have planned 8 seasonal woodland walks for 2018. On each walk, I will teach the trees and plants of the forest, with their medicinal properties. As the seasons change - so do the plants. So I have created different seasonal walks in five different locations: You will find a difference in species as you move across the state. I am also offering a spring and fall walk at White oak Canyon off the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Within the Park, many of the rare plants in VA can be seen. White Oak Canyon is on the top of my list to teach. I hope that if you enjoy learning the forest and their medicinal uses, you will join me on a walk. Below is the schedule of 2018 Woodland walks.

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