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" I have suffered from severe allergies my entire life. My childhood memories are framed by hives, stuffy or dripping nose, and red, itchy, teary eyes. By the time I was an adolescent I was taking an oral prescription antihistamine, daily nasal steroids, and using prescription eye drops just to feel "normal." I proceeded this way for over a decade. Then, all the medicines just stopped working, and I decided it was time to stop treating the symptoms of my allergies and actually CURE them. Enter Shirlea Pemberton! Shirlea freed me from my allergies. She spent time during my intake deeply examining the experiences throughout my life. We discussed things like my diet and body temperature; she examined my tongue and nails. Finally, she developed a detailed regime for me to follow and made me a unique formula of herbal tinctures. After taking Shirlea's remedy and following her instructions, I am allergy free! Let me repeat - allergy FREE. Thank you Shirlea for your insight, wisdom, and treatment. You have an amazing gift! I am a new person and I couldn't have done it without you."

- E. Gibbs

   My dear friend and mentor, I hate to think where I might be if you were not in my life. Allergy problems and vertigo have been a problem as long as I can remember.

Now years later in my life, I have had to deal with depression, sleepless nights and no or low energy, on top of not eating right and doing too much drinking and smoking.

Thanks to your good ears and patience and knowledge in herbs and reiki, I have become a new and functioning person. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. 

- P. Schaffer

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