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Herbal Consultations - Shirlea Pemberton created Forestree Farmacy with the intent to “restore the body to a balance of good health” with the use of Herbal Medicine, through the traditions and wisdom that our ancestors passed down from one generation to the next. Shirlea is a practicing herbalist at two locations within Acupuncture Center of Richmond (voted best Alternative Health Center by Style Weekly & Virginia Living Magazine). Shirlea works with her clients to restore their balance through the use of herbs, diet, exercise and happiness.

ShirIea meets with clients to provide a personalized plan to enhance their well-being. Please see the Herbal Consultations page for more information.

(Please note our 2nd office location with Empress Acupuncture @ 4100 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227)

Woodland Walks of 2016

Forest Flora (Trees, shrubs, vines and herbs) Identification walks planned, with past and present herbal uses. See Woodland Walks page for more information and schedules.  

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