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Herbal Consultations


      Herbal medicine traces its roots back to the beginning of civilization.  According   to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of the world’s population used some form of traditional medicine in 2008 - and it continues to grow today.   Studies, along with history (pasted down from generation to generation) of herbal use, have shown that plant medicine helps restores the natural balance to the body.  Our bodies have evolved with the ability to assimilate the bioactive compound in plants. Herbs can strengthen or nourish tissue & organs or gently cleanse the tissue without causing more stress or more disease.


      In my practice, I combine Western Herbal Medicine, with bothTraditional  Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic  Medicine, to bring a natural  healthy balance to the body.


     Each individual will address their underlying  causes of imbalances.   By educating and understanding their health choices, healing can begin.  Stress reduction, food choices, exercise and sleep all play a part - for a healthy lifestyle to start. 


     This practice does not advocate that herbs or change of lifestyle be used to replace the guidance of health care professionals.  Any life threatening injury or illness should always be treated under the supervision of a competent medical professional.  


Herbs  support the following conditions:


Cardiovascular System

Digestive System


Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat


Eliminatory System


Endocrine System


Female Reproductive System


Immune System


Lymphatic System


Male Reproductive System


Musculo-Skeletal System

Nervous System


Respiratory System




Urinary System


Consultations are by appointment.

Our Office Location (by appointment):


- Empress Acupuncture, 4100 Brook Road, Suite A, Richmond, VA  23227